Dog Coat Size Guide

Dog coats are a modern luxury for canines and often serve a purpose other than being a fashion statement.

Dog coats provide protection against wind, cold and water and many feature reflective tape for added visibility at night.

There are dog coats for every size and breed of dog.

To ensure that your dog's new coat fits properly you will need to take careful measurements of your dog's girth and body length by using a measuring tape, pencil, paper and handfuls of treats.

Choosing the right coat for your dog.

Due to the variance of dog coat sizes within each breed, we strongly recommend that you measure your dog before purchasing a coat.

The breed size guide is for guidance purposes only.  Dogs can differ enormously within each breed category.

20 – 26cm     26 – 36cm 36 – 46cm
Yorkshire Terrier
Jack Russell
Border Terrier
Cavalier King Charles
West Highland Terrier
46 – 56cm 56 – 66cm 66 – 77cm
Springer Spaniel
German Shepherd